In 1986, a teacher named Harry Palmer created The Avatar Course. That same year he founded Star’s Edge International®, the seminar management corporation that supervises the delivery of the Avatar Materials. Harry's writings are a profound contribution to the growing body of knowledge, exercises, and processes directed to self-improvement. Many individuals and companies in the personal-development industry have adopted his ideas.

Harry Palmer dresses simply, lives simply, and remembers to open the door for the ladies. He looks at you steadily when you talk, and you get the feeling that he is interested in what you have to say; he is. In sharp contrast, he is also the CEO of a rapidly growing international corporation and the unexpected inheritor of a prestige that once belonged only to prominent spiritual leaders. This simple man's writings are creating a movement that is sweeping the planet.

Today, few who fair-mindedly study Harry Palmer’s techniques can doubt the profound effect that his writings are having on the collective consciousness of the world. Harry’s writings have been translated into 20 languages, and his business model has had a major impact on the personal-development seminar industry.


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3 Paths of Avatar
People have an innate desire to be in service, but without a fully developed sense of personal responsibility and compassion their service is at risk of being abused or worse.

In this DVD package Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials, examines the relationship of these three qualities of life: personal responsibility, compassion and being in service.

Path 1: Personal Responsibility: Taking personal responsibility for your life is a necessary process. The power in personal responsibility is that external causes no longer produce internal reactions. Personal responsibility restores your choice as to how you react to people or events.

Path 2: Compassion: Rather than being at odds with each other, head consciousness, or intellect, and heart consciousness need to work together.

Path 3: Service: How you live your life is your true spiritual practice. And one of the most profound practices is the giving of selfless help. Something very high, and spiritual, and mystical awakens within us when we help.

These three talks were recorded live at the November 2009 International Avatar Course and the December 2009 Avatar Master Course.

Subtitled in 14 languages.

view Path 1, Path 2, Path 3 | purchase the DVD



Personal Responsibility, Compassion, & Service To Others
What does it take to create harmony, rather than conflict; to create cooperation instead of competition? What are the realizations that will transform a person's attitude from selfishness to service? What is so powerful that it is considered by all major religions as among the greatest virtues that you can practice?

In this talk Harry provides insights and illustrations as to the importance of personal responsibility, compassion, and service to others.
He discusses the spiritual awakening and changes you can expect from your Avatar experience. He reflects on the realizations that begin as you move from self-awareness into the power of self-acceptance. He also reveals the secret to conserving natural resources. Harry explains how the qualities of personal responsibility, compassion, and service to others measure a society's, or individual's, move toward greater happiness.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at The 2009 Avatar Professional Course in Orlando, Florida.

Subtitled in 14 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD



How To Explain Everything
If you’re going to explain everything, you need a good paradigm. And the paradigm that Harry Palmer, the author of the Avatar materials, illustrates in this talk can help us to structure the history and evolution of life.  When we superimpose it on consciousness, personal development, human evolution, societies, spiritual paths, governments, religions, just about anything, it will reveal new insights.

Most respected teachers will tell you that the most important undertaking of life is the journey that you make across the three domains of Animal, Intellectual, and Spiritual Consciousness. Using his new paradigm, Harry examines the transition from Animal Consciousness to Intellectual Consciousness and the complex interactions that occur between them. He also discusses the light at the end of the tunnel that is the transition to Spiritual Consciousness.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at the September 2009 Master Course in Lake Mary, Florida.

Subtitled in 12 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD



Don't Sell Yourself Short
In this talk Harry considers Creating Definition, the Avatar mini-course that explores the definitions existing between non-physical being and the stuff of this universe.

What exactly is a definition? Can definitions be changed? What would happen if they changed?

Use this video and the Creating Definitions mini-course to explore the skills of creating and discreating definitions... and discover how to define better living conditions for yourself and for all creatures.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at the October 2007 Avatar Professional Course in Orlando, Florida.

Subtitled in 12 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD



What happens when things interact? What impressions are left behind? What kind of stories do we create to explain the impressions that life leaves?

The longer you study existence the more you're going to notice that a lot of things are pressing, bumping, and colliding with each other, and leaving impressions. The events of life leave tracks in our consciousness that inspire us to tell ourselves stories to explain them.

The success or failure of your life is all about the story you choose to tell. What you experience is the story you tell yourself and the power to change the story is the power to change your life.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at the July 2009 International Avatar Course in Orlando, Florida.

Subtitled in 16 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD



Managing Change
Abraham Lincoln's favorite prayer was, "Grant me the courage to change the things I can, and the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference."

In this talk Harry examines the wisdom part. He discusses how the motion of cause and effect can sometimes be shaped by recognizing and acting when choice is present. He also explores four practices that you can use to increase your choice power.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at the 2008 Avatar Professional Course in Orlando, Florida.

Subtitled in 15 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD




It's Getting Better
Consciousness is our tool, our gift. We've often used it in competitive, brutish ways, but we can also use it in wise and compassionate ways. We need to brighten the future up a little bit. The world at its worst needs us at our best.

Learn more about how your attitude toward the future creates your experience in the future with this talk by Harry Palmer. If you want life to improve, there's value in believing - it's getting better.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at the November 2007 International Avatar Course in Orlando, Florida.

Subtitled in 13 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD




Source Beingness
Harry reveals the basis for the creation of the Source list and describes the results of exploring consciousness from the view point of Source Beingness.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at the September 2007 International Avatar Course in Orlando, Florida.

Subtitled in 14 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD




Make Up Your Mind
What does it mean to believe something? Why are some truths hard to believe and some lies easy to believe? Is your mind controlling you or are you controlling it? Who really decides what you believe?

In this video Harry discusses these questions and more as he examines the four types of belief systems and the intentions behind each of them.

Go beyond linear evolution and take a sideways step into exploring and understanding the relationship between your beliefs and your experiences with Make Up Your Mind.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at The International Avatar Course on June 30, 2007, in Orlando, Florida.

Subtitled in 17 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD




Life Challenges
Temptation and circumstance only shape your life if you choose to let them.  And there will always be temptation and circumstances that you have to live through, but you don’t have to let them ruin your life.  Hard times - everyone has to deal with a few.  These are the challenges of life, will you deliberately choose, or will you let temptation and circumstance make the choice for you?.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at the July 2006 International Avatar Course in Orlando, Florida.

Subtitled in 14 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD




Everything Is Alright!
Harry talks about his experiences during the Florida hurricanes of 2004, his challenges as an organic gardener, and the sometimes dangerous route to higher consciousness. With these and other humorous, thought-provoking stories, he weaves a modern allegory of spiritual awakening-classic Harry Palmer at his best. Highly recommended.

This is the same video that is being shown by the Avatar World Tour. If you missed it, or just want to own your own copy of this classic talk, order it today.

Subtitled in 13 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD




Bottled Consciousness
How do you study consciousness without getting lost in the study of concepts about consciousness? In this talk Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials, discusses two kinds of knowledge and how they can help or hinder your exploration of consciousness.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at the December 2006 Avatar Master Course in Orlando, Florida.

view online | purchase the DVD




Stay Awake And Relax
In this talk Harry considers how the use of forces, both mental and physical, affect our lives and how awareness awakens when we stop pushing against ourselves.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at the September 2006 Avatar Master Course in Orlando, Florida.

view online | purchase the DVD




Make The Best Of What Happens Next
Someday your life will be a page in history. Will it be read from a burned out, radioactive ruin, or from the bridge of a starship? Who will read it? Harry's answer may surprise you, but after the gasp, you'll know he was right.

This talk, by Harry Palmer, was recorded live at the October 2006 Avatar Professional Course.

Subtitled in 15 languages.

view online | purchase the DVD




Connection And Encouragement
In early 1995, Avatars gathered in Orlando, Florida to attend an Avatar Master Course. At one point, a talk by Harry Palmer was captured with a home video camera. This talk is presented here on DVD.

Join Harry as he brings his unique insights to bear on the topics of discouragement, perserverance, and connection. Harry's easy-going style and quick sense of humor are evident as hetells stories about a 19th century miner, migrating geese, diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and more. And, as usual with Harry, there are layers of meaning to the stories he shares.

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