“About once every three or four years I have to announce that I'm not a licensed psychologist. The rumor started innocently around 1990 with a Dutch journalist who was struggling with the English language.

“Just because I have discussed psychology, and have studied extensively in that field, does not make me a licensed clinical psychologist. I have never claimed to be a clinical psychologist, and I have never aspired to be one. I am not a medical doctor, a licensed helicopter pilot, or a lawyer. If you must offer me a title, I favor gardener. (One of my all time favorite movies is "Being There")

“As far as educational credentials (which I wrote about in the book, Living Deliberately, and don't hold in particularly high regard) I have a 1971 Master's Degree in Science of Education - said "science" included courses in educational psychology and sociology.

“The only bios that have been written about me that I approved (and somewhat hesitantly) are contained in the books, Living Deliberately, ReSurfacing®, and Love Precious Humanity®.”

- Harry Palmer