The Avatar® Course

The Avatar Course is a powerful and speedily effective course based on the simple truth that your beliefs will cause you to create or attract situations and events that you experience as your life.

The goal of the three-section course is to guide you in an exploration of your own belief system and to equip you with the tools to modify those things that you wish to change. The Avatar Course opens a window to the inner workings of your own consciousness.

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The Avatar® Master Course

The Avatar Master Course runs for nine consecutive days. These are extraordinary days in which time is forgotten. The structure of the course and the exercises bring up deep issues that at first may seem unendurable and overwhelming. Then a few sessions later, you are having a good laugh at yourself. By the end of the week, it seems like several lifetimes (both past and planned) have passed.

The Master course goes behind the scenes and discusses the results and phenomena encountered on Avatar from an entirely new perspective.

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The Avatar® Professional Course

The Professional Course teaches presence and the intentional creation of identity. It protects a being against the abrasions of the world. It provides the mental and emotional keys to successfully employ your best talents in the world.

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The Avatar® Wizard Course

The Avatar Wizard Course gently guides you into the deepest regions of consciousness. You travel through the labyrinth of confusion and indoctrination that generally passes for waking consciousness. You journey on to the regions of mind and subtle perceptions into the core of identities. Along the way you free awareness from forgotten, neglected, and resisted issues that undermine your power and confidence. Finally you arrive at the abode of inexhaustible self - the Wizard-self.

At the foundation of consciousness, face-to-face with the divine, you find the nature that all share, the nature that, independent of any political intrigue, can change the world.

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