By Harry Palmer


Creating an enlightened planetary civilization is an ambitious task. You've got to have guts to even entertain, let alone express, such a goal. The idea frightens the social pleasantness right out of people.

Crazy! Too big! Too far out!

I've seen some retreat into lofty professonal identities to offer some "kindly" advice--like a concerned father counseling an errant son: "The world's a big place, friend. Maybe you should lower your sights a little. People are going to wonder about you when you go around talking like that." But the real message--what you can hear them saying deep down--is this: "I don't believe it's possible. That ol' world will break your heart, just like it broke mine!"

And that "I don't believe it's possible" is the major barricade blocking the creation of an enlightened civilization. It is piled high with evidence. It is supported by every sympathetic pat or smile that anyone ever received for failing. It is a barricade made with all the twisted fragments of events and broken dreams that people use to persuade themselves that it was all right to fail. Pass it at your own risk. Since the first beginnings of the human potential movement, a very large number of caring, well-meaning people have succumbed to the discouragements that the world so generously provides. Why? Principally because they didn't have a workable technology with which to manage their own consciousness. WE NOW HAVE THAT!

ALL people have the fundamental goal to better the world. Even the butchering fascist began by believing that he was making the world better. This is the basic, archetypical goal of all living organisms, the primary intention possessed by creative source: make it better! It's the intention that breathes life and sustains existence. But just exactly what is "better"? When one person's belief of what "better" is conflicts with others' beliefs of what "better" is, "better" becomes so burdened with limitations that the only spark of intention that filters through is the urge to survive. But survival, contrary to the philosophical opinions of a few, is not the basic motivation of man. It's the leftover! It's what remains after a being's dreams of bettering the world are left entangled in limiting beliefs.

Visit your old neighborhood someday and talk with the old friends who once held the visionary flame for a better world. What happened to them? Now they survive in their self-defined comfort-bubbles of opinion, aware of very little beyond their own conclusions. And what is the foundation of their conclusions? Just this: "I don't believe it's possible."

They have forgotten the goal, and NOW THEY ARE DEFINED AND IMPRISONED BY THEIR OWN LIMITATIONS. Their jailer is called discouragement, only they call it maturity or being realistic or being practical. Stay around, grow old, and they'll introduce you to their jailer. It's the comfort trap. It's the same thinking that sells caskets with innerspring mattresses lined with satin. It's the legacy of a prison planet that has failed to understand that beliefs are the basis of ideological conflicts.

Even some of the people who are paid to know better--teachers, leaders, individuals with vision--have by some secret collective vote concluded that the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization is probably nothing more than a utopian dream. This is the learned voice of discouragement. The same preach tolerance, meaning that any member of their group should be tolerated and any non-member should be converted.

And then the reality strikes. It suddenly becomes crystal clear. They say the words, but they really don't believe anything will create. They don't believe it's possible! They've become lifetime subscribers to discouragement.



There is an ironic bit of truth in the statement, "If you want to be a success, learn everything you can about failure." Taking into account the track record of our race's attempts to live in cooperative harmony, this statement is purely reassuring.

Here is another important lesson that seems to have been lost in confusions of repeated births and deaths:
When you sanction another's failure (or fail to validate their efforts) to voluntarily assume full responsibility, you plant the seed of an adversarial identity and create a future obstacle to cooperative harmony.

"Voluntarily assume" is emphasized because one cannot be made responsible. Making someone responsible is the cause of blame and anger. It is motivated from one's own failures. It doesn't work. Rarely does one find a failure who is not actively, or subtly, contributing more beliefs to the barricade obstructing the creation of an enlightened civilization.

The cold, hard fact of anyone's failure is that their schooling, their life, etc., failed to remind them that the goal of man is to create an enlightened planetary civilization. That's the job we've inherited.

The trick now is to expand as rapidly as possible into every corner of the Earth. Creating an enlightened planetary civilization depends upon the leaders and the decision makers of every diverse cultural group on this planet effectively applying the technology of Avatar as the foundational principle of their social protocols.

This is achievable!



What will this better world look like?

It is a society that permits the discovery and experience of our collective nature! That is an enlightened planetary civilization. We already have an intuitive sense of this evolutionary step. The map is in our DNA. Tolerance and the dissolution of ignorance will trigger it. Cooperative efforts will trigger it. Avatar is a catalyst.

As people begin to awaken from the labyrinth of insistent and intolerant belief systems, they will discover them as the source of the illusory realities created of fear and resistance.

As fear loosens its grip, people will remember the purpose of life. Enlightened beings do not create out of fear or need, but out of a sheer delight in sharing and evolving.

Toward what else would beingness evolve?


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